The creative chapter

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know I am still around, just busy scribbling the stories. The creative chapter of the book writing process. Actually I am typing, if I was to scribble, that’s what it would be, scribbles which no one (not even me) would be able to read. I am currently around 50,000 words with plenty of tale still to bring to life.

This is a fun part of the process and when I am in the zone, I am not on this planet. The Land of Dreams is a very engaging place and alarms are needed to bring me back to reality at the appropriate times.

So when will it all be ready? As soon as I am done and not a moment before. I know where the story is going, but not all the routes it will take. The characters will have their say in this too and may yet hijack the plot lines for their own purposes.

So please be patient and let’s hope the waiting (hard work by me) will be worth it.





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