Magical Fireworks

If you had only the limits of your mind to create the most wonder-filled pyrotechnics, what would you imagine?

In my stories there is a fireworks show on Christmas Eve, given by the Great Wizard Grumphspawn. He is a powerful and dramatic character who lets his fun-side out once a year. There are seven fireworks in his display, starting off with The Goblin Racer, move on to the Highlander’s Delight, followed by the Jolly Jester. After which we will celebrate the King’s Coronation Ball, and marvel at the Long Light Liberation, then be bewildered by the phenomenal Parrots, Pirates and Pancakes Piratical Pyrotechnics. Finally we will be taken on an awesome trip with the Troll’s Totally Titanic Terribly Triumphant Toothy Tongue Tingler!”

As an author one of my pleasures is to create these new and fantastic scenes in my head. I can lie there dreaming of huge Goblin heads making rude noises, Haggis dancing through the starlit winter skies, watch as my characters leap and spin during crazy time in the long light liberation. As for the phenomenal pirates sequence, this one may well end up as a picture book all of its own.

The last firework is a challenge, can you say it’s name eight times fast? If so you are better than me. That actual firework is yet to be fully imagined in my mind, but I am definitely looking forward to it.


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