Bio: The BIO: Sean Noonan Born in Scarborough and fortunate to grow up in different parts of Europe, finally finishing school in the Kingdom of Fife. The Author first adventured in St Andrews University, but preferred to range further so spent the next 20 odd years as a Salty-Seadog sailing the Oceans, until he 'swallowed-the-anchor' and came ashore. Married to Liz with two inspiring kids. They live in Scotland and look forward to entertaining youngsters of all ages in the years ahead. The artists for this blog are Victor Guiza for the cast of characters. A former winner of the Dragon Pen. (see his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Official-Fan-Page-of-Victor-Guiza/333414444114) and for Pokey it was my (then) 8 year old daughter Elannah.

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