What’s in the pipeline?

As a consequence of these trying times my creativity has been challenged for over a year. I am now back in harness and moving forward. WPI 1-3 are progressing.

WPI 1 went all the way to the top with one of the main publishing houses in 2019 so it must be close. Unfortunately it stalled at the last hurdle. Ho hum. I’ve refined some elements and am working with a mentor to help give it even more umph.

Next up is WPI 2 which is written in essence. Been through the first review too. I’ll work on this over the next months.

WPI 3 is a third written and that’s where I stalled in 2019. I will get to it after I’ve improved WPI 2.

So lots to do with these stories. Onwards and upwards folks!

Have fun and make sure you engage in enjoyable {writing or other} rituals.

All the best


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