Where do Stories come from?

Ever wondered how on earth, or in heaven, did the author think of a story? I have often wondered the same myself.

Stephen King said in “On Writing” that they were like dinosaur fossils the writer had to uncover from the recesses of their minds. I know what he means, its like the stories are not part of us, but something we discover through a door in our imaginations.

Ultimately I cannot know how other authors find their stories, I can only write about how my stories find me.

It starts with a stray thought such as I love fireworks. An inspiration if you will. Whether this is from my memories, a hope that others do too, or a suggestion about fun from someone else doesn’t matter. Its the egg.

Like all newborns it needs someone to nurture and look after it. Working alone is fine for me, after years at sea living with my own thoughts it is an easy and comfortable place. I can give the idea life. But as in all things teams are stronger and more capable than just individuals. My team is a collection of my characters.

Here is Pokey.

Hi, I'm Pokey, fiends with Rodger. Come and join me in the everlasting fantastical adventures. Where the fun and excitement never ends.As you can see he is a hedgehog. Friend of Rodger (a badger) and humorous suggester of fun adventures. He might seem a prickly chap, but actually he is quite warm and good natured. He had a tumultuous past, uprooted from his home and made to live in a place where he was the odd one out, which is why he is such a strong defender and nurturer of his true friends.

Art by Elannah my daughter at the age of eight.

and here is Grumphspawn

GrumphspawnHe is a Great Wizard and loves fireworks. Magical ones, which he makes to show off his magical powers once a year. Otherwise is quite quiet and has the reputation as being something of a grump.

Art is by Victor Guiza.

There are many other characters involved. But these are the two who have volunteered to be a part of this post.

So we now have a thought I love fireworks, and two characters to nurture the thought, Pokey and Grumphspawn. Pokey is part of the characters who will have an adventure in my imagination and together they will go to the fireworks show of Grumphspawn the Great Wizard.

These are the seeds to my stories and from there I have been pondering for years about the circumstances, plot and events that will form the basis of my stories, the Everlasting Fantastical Adventures. As all my characters add their parts to the whole, the story grows.



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