Stretching the Mind

From this month I thought we’d do something a little different.

Every author needs to keep expanding their skills. We need to stretch ourselves to keep in the best condition. That being said, Liz (my wife) suggested using Story Creation Blocks to randomly select some elements for a short story. The idea is to come at it with no preconceptions, just let the grey matter work it out with just these hints.

Next month I will post my first piece (on or around the 12th). Any comments will be welcome  and if others want to post their musings, I will pass on my thoughts.

So how do we do this? Simple.

The Story Creation Blocks are easy to follow.

Die Rolls Characters(twice) Traits(twice) Conflict(once) Location(once) Object(twice)
1 Short Quiet Disease Mountains Horn
2 Hairy Greedy Money Forest Message
3 Supernatural Curious Love Beach Hat
4 Old Hungry Weather Ocean Ruby
5 Tall Arrogant Journey City Vehicle
6 Fit Kind Loss Desert Skeleton

For me in the coming month I shall write a short piece (around 500 words) using the hints


Wish me luck!

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